What up in town is bringing cutting-edge technology to the event industry.


We are essentially building two apps:

1. Event Management app

Status: 70%

Our event management app will allow you to organize an entire event in just a few minutes - including web presence (native website), service booking, personalized invitations, ticket sale, marketing and advanced analytics.

2. Event Discovery app

Status: 10%

Our event discovery app will allow you to discover events around the globe based on location, date/time and personal interests. While you browse the software "learns" your Vybe™ and gets better at matching your taste over time.


Here are some of the cutting-edge technologies we are working on.

donut_large   Big data / ML

android   Bots / A.I.

memory   IoT

aspect_ratio   AR

remove_red_eye   VR

grain   Blockchain


Toni Engelhardt

Developer / Spacecraft Engineer


David Tang

MBA / Model


Want to join?

Know how to ride a wave?
All your belongings fit comfortably in a suitcase?
Waimea Bay rings a bell?

Great, send an email to: jobs@whatupintown.com