The Blockchain Events you shouldn't miss in 2018 - Part I

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No matter what you think you have seen so far, 2018 will be THE YEAR of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology in general. And there are several reasons why:

  1. Cryptos eventually reach mainstream adoption, which in part surely has to be attributed to the insane price gains many coins have achieved in 2018 and to the unreal amounts of money that have been raised with ICOs.
  2. Countless blockchain projects start to launch and validate their products.
  3. The technology matures. 
  4. More and more stores start to accept payments with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  5. Bitcoin Futures started trading.
  6. Leading technology companies jump on the train and develop their own blockchain projects.
  7. Banks and leading investors announced plans to invest in crypto.

Have a look at our featured interest tag #blockchain, where we list all popular events related to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In the following we collected the highlights of the blockchain conferences you shouldn't miss this year. 

Have a look:



Jan 5-7

Peer Summit

— Organized by PEER.

Peer Summit

An elevated mountain retreat to explore and shape the business and social impact of blockchain.

PEER Summit is a weekend retreat atop Powder Mountain in Utah, for a diverse group of leaders, thinkers, and innovators to explore the state of and future of blockchain on multiple fronts including art, for-profit endeavors, and social impact. It's about curated thought provoking conversations in an intimate setting with an eye towards collaboration and innovation. There will also be snow sports, delicious food, and wellness activities. The weekend is hosted by PEER at Summit Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah.

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Jan 8

Dubai International Blockchain Summit

— Organized by DIBS.

Dubai International Blockchain Summit

Welcome to the largest gathering of Blockchain in Middle East, an opportunity to showcase and discuss the recent and upcoming financial technology and the promising technology of Blockchain. See you in Dubai.

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Jan 18-19

The North American Bitcoin Conference

— Organized by Keynote Limited.

The North American Bitcoin Conference

The beginning of a revolution.

As January draws near, and the crypto space continues to explode, Keynote invites you to join us at the most important blockchain conference of the year, The North American Bitcoin Conference, a part of World Blockchain Forum: Investments & ICOs, taking place in Miami on January 18th and 19th 2018. The success of our 2017 conferences have brought together all the major players of the industry, launched some hugely successful businesses, and proven that the world of ICOs is growing exponentially.

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Jan 19-26

London Blockchain Week 2018

— Organized by Fintech Worldwide Ltd.

London Blockchain Week 2018


Blockchain Week kicks off with the Hack-The-Block Blockchain Hackathon at Cocoon Network. The challenge will be set by our sponsor(s). Typically we require an innovative use of Blockchain/DLT technology To solve a real problem. The winners for 2017 got the opportunity to develop their projects further with the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea. Get in touch if you'd like to sponsor the 2018 Challenge.


The original Blockchain Conference is back a 4th year. We launched the first Blockchain Conference in 2015, since then we have taken the event to New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco and many other cities. The 4th Annual Blockchain London Conference & Expo will take place during London Blockchain Week. This year, the event will span 3 days. The first day will feature an expo of 40-60 of the hottest blockchain companies worldwide. After the expo we'll run our two day conference exploring Blockchain/DLT across all sectors.


While the conference is great for keeping up to date with the latest trends from top industry experts, people who would like a deeper dive into Blockchain/DLT can attend workshops on topics including, Smart Contracts, Ethereum and BigchainDB, to name a few. We've dedicated Wednesday and Thursday to learning. Space is limited. Workshops will take place at Cocoon Networks. Get in touch if you would like to sponsor a workshop or Blockchain related event.

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Jan 27

World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit

— Organized by WBC Summit.

World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit

The World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit is a platform for the discussion of crucial and acute problems of the growing cryptoindustry.

It unites prominent leaders of Crypto and Blockchain sphere and shapes International digital future. WBCSummit is established by the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain - an innovative project uniting the participants of the Cryptomarket.

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Feb 16-18

The Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference

— Organized by The Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference Consortium.

The Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference

Is It Too Late To Get Involved In Crypto?

Not at all. Even if you didn't mine 10,000 bitcoins using your old PC in 2012, bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins and blockchain technology are still in their infancy.

99.9% of the world's population is barely aware of how bitcoin, ethereum, and other blockchain-based tokens are starting to address real use cases, such as:

  • Banking the unbanked or under-banked (billions worldwide)
  • Putting personal, medical and financial data under the control of the individual (not only in the hands of governments or large institutions)
  • Providing decentralized, peer-to-peer, fast, world-wide, un-hackable, non-inflationary engineered currencies (money) (Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash, Litecoin, Decred, and more)
  • Allowing individuals to buy, sell, lease, and hold title to property and land on public blockchains that are un-hackable and un-alterable, even by nation states
  • Digitizing assets (baseball cards, real estate, art, recordings of songs, books, etc) and allowing creators to get paid for their work in a more direct way that allows them to control and profit from their work.

You Can Read All You Want Online, or Watch YouTube Videos Till You're Bleary-Eyed...

However, nothing compares to meeting the best and brightest developers, founders, insiders, and crypto enthusiasts in PERSON.

That's why we're putting on The Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference in Dallas, Texas (February 16, 17 and 18, 2018)

With over 800 expected attendees, 35 top-notch speakers and 50+ exhibitors from the bitcoin, ethereum and alt coin worlds, and talks from ICOs and blockchain startups, this conference is going to be a diverse, wonderful, and potentially profitable experience for all who attend.

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Mar 28-29

Blockchain Mastery for Business

— Organized by Infiniti Group.

Blockchain Mastery for Business

Infiniti Group is bringing to Dubai one of the foremost global experts in blockchain technology, Dr. Massimo Morini, on the 28th and 29th of March 2018, to hold the most detailed and knowledge-packed non-technical blockchain course for executives that currently exists on the market.

2 full days of deep immersion in the fundamentals+higher level concepts. Essential for executives in industries where blockchain technology is making an impact and recommended for all that are interested in developing a solid foundation and working knowledge of the most disruptive technology since the internet.

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Apr 5-7

Coinfest UK

— Organized by Crypto Bates Group.

Coinfest UK

This 2018 event is currently in planning, we had awesome feedback from our 2017 event and are working on that feedback to make our 2018 event bigger and better!

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Apr 18-19

Blockchain Expo Global 2018

— Organized by TechForge Media Ltd.

Blockchain Expo Global 2018

The world’s largest Blockchain conference & exhibition

Blockchain Expo will be arriving at London’s Olympia on 18-19 April 2018, bringing together industry leaders for two days of world-class content from leading brands embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies.

Presented in a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies, Blockchain Expo will explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology, including; legal sectors, financial services, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, and real estate.

Blockchain Expo is expected to attract over 6,000 dedicated delegates over the two days.

Reserve your place today!

On day 1 (18 April), paid delegates are invited to attend the ICOs & Cryptofinance track, exploring regulation, ICO tools, and changing venture capital models.

The Blockchain for Enterprise conference track will look at a variety of platforms and services from startups to cloud providers, including developer networks, applications and APIs as well as the impact on legal, finance and government sectors with smart contracts.

ICOs, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, insurance, payments and more will be explored in the Transforming Financial Services track on day 2 (19 April).

The free conference track will be split across 2 key areas Developing Blockchain Applications and
Blockchain Technologies. Over the two days, the focus is on the evolution of blockchain and its applications, and will explore the many launches and trials being conducted, the different uses of blockchain technology in these verticals, and the vast opportunities in these sectors.

Co-located with IoT Tech Expo and AI Expo, the joint event will attract some 11,000 + attendees, and makes for a fantastic opportunity to learn about the most disruptive technologies.

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Jun 6-8

Exponential Finance

— Organized by Singularity University.

Exponential Finance

Exponential Finance 2017 at the New York Marriott Marquis was a resounding success. Participants experienced a wide range of subjects, presented by some of the world's foremost innovators in technology and finance.

From blockchain to quantum computing, from the future of work to financial inclusion, this year's program covered the exponential technologies and emerging strategies that are fundamentally shifting the entire financial playing field.

Thank you to everyone who joined us onsite, and to all who tuned in to the livestream Please stay tuned for photos and videos from the event.

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