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Blockchain Conferences 2019

Shaping the Future of the Digital Economy

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This is the sequel to last year's edition Blockchain Conferences 2018.

The first global mainstream hype cycle of Cryptocurrency has come to an end and it became quiet around blockchain tech, especially in the media and throughout social networks. But behind the scenes the real blockchain trend has just started and innovation in decentralization is moving at an unprecedented pace.

In the following we curate a collection of the most noteworthy Crypto and Blockchain Conferences of 2019. Have a look and follow our related tags to stay ahead of the crypto game: #blockchain, #cryptocurrency, #bitcoin, #fintech.

The North American Bitcoin Conference - Bitcoin. Blockchain. ICOs. Miami. January 16-18 2019

The North American Bitcoin Conference

Bitcoin. Blockchain. ICOs. Miami. January 16-18 2019

event  Jan 16, 2019   location_on  Miami, United States
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As January draws near, and the crypto space continues to explode, Keynote invites you to join us at the most important blockchain conference of the year, The North American Bitcoin Conference, a part of World Blockchain Forum: Investments & ICOs, taking place in Miami. The success of our 2018 conferences have brought together all the major players in the industry, launched some hugely ...

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BII Summit 2019 - The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit

BII Summit 2019

The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit

event  Mar 20, 2019   location_on  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Who we areThe Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT) is an event that specialises in helping Blockchain Companies and Investors meet under one roof to be able to create business relationships. Why BII Summit? The Event is currently one of the top Blockchain Events in the Middle East and is currently the most specialised for Blockchain Investments. Moreover, the event currently...

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Blockchain Life 2019

Blockchain Life 2019

event  Apr 23, 2019   location_on  Singapore, Singapore
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Blockchain Life 2019 is one of the biggest and most significant forums on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in the world. The 3d edition of the International Forum brings together more than 5000 participants from 70+ countries. Executives of top blockchain companies, crypto exchanges'owners, funds and investors, crypto traders and analysts, miners, developers, blockchain projects and startups. Ov...

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UNCHAIN Convention 2019 - Blockchain meets economy

UNCHAIN Convention 2019

Blockchain meets economy

event  Jun 14, 2019   location_on  Berlin, Germany
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Blockchain meets economy: UNCHAIN is Germany's most relevant international conference featuring blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. It is a 2-day event that connects these experts with leading industrial players from all over the world - by discussing and exploring the full potential of a decentralized economy. Doing so, the event is more than a conference: UNCHAIN is a unique networki...

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In case we've missed an important conference or forum related to blockchain and crypto, please send it our way via mail to, or if you are promoting a conference yourself add it here, so that we can help you spreading the word.

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