Fri, May 04, 2018 · 18:00
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First of all, what is Cold Hawaii?

Cold Hawaii is an area in northern Denmark, that covers over 30 surf spots. There is sand, there is wind, there is water (pretty cold) and there are waves. But there are no palm trees, and no bikini surfing (unless you dare).

For us, Cold Hawaii is a lifestyle. A lifestyle, which gives us an opportunity to celebrate our love for the ocean and for the nature. A lifestyle, that slowed our life down, the day we tasted it for the first time. A lifestyle that let us be 100% ourselves. 

Cold Hawaii Film Festival is a mixture of our dreams and ideas. We came up with the concept in November 2014 and the first edition took place already in April 2015. The success of the first edition of the festival have given us a big portion of motivation, so we decided to introduce it as an annual event. 

The idea behind the Cold Hawaii Film Festival is to connect the passion for surfing and its development, desire for movie-making and love for the nature. At the same time we want to show the world our beautiful Thy and invite everyone to try surfing and Stand Up Paddling in Denmark and in the whole Scandinavia. The unique thing about our festival is, that the competing movies must be recorded within the boarders of Scandinavia and only during the cold months (November- April). The competition is dedicated to both amateurs and professionals. Every year we receive amazing projects, that make us laugh, make us cry or make us stop everything we do and go surfing. Just check out the movies and you will know what we are talking about.

Cold Hawaii Film Festival is a weekend-long event, that offers different activities, also for the young ones.

Check out our program, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and we hope to see you in May!