Thu, Jun 04 · 0:00

Our immune system - the state in the state

Because of the current corona crisis, this year's annual conference of the German Society for Pathology eV will take place as a virtual and digital conference from June 4, 2020. An extensive on-demand offer will be available until September 6, 2020. Use the interactive tools of the virtual conference to engage in scientific exchange with your colleagues despite the crisis.

Doctors member: EUR 360.00,
Doctors Not a member: EUR 540.00,
Doctors in further education member: EUR 140.00,
Doctors in advanced training non-member: EUR 220.00,
Pupils and students: EUR 60.00,
Further price categories can be found on the website: EUR 0.00

Speakers: Prof. Dr. MR. Rodewald, Dr. K. Schwarz, PD Dr. C. Posovszky, Prof. D. Dudziak, Prof. P. Fischer-Posovszky, Dr. M. Kasahara, Prof. T. Strowig, Dr. A. Beck, Prof. K. Amann, Prof. C. Denkert, Prof. J. Ruland, Dr. Dr. A. Mottok, PD Dr. A. Viardot, Prof. C. Romagnani