The 10th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference will be held from 6 till 8 May 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are proud to announce that the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) and the Danish Lymphoedema Framework (DNL/DLF) will host this conference in collaboration with the Danish Wound Healing Society hosting their annual meeting at the conference.

The scientific committee, consisting of representatives from ILF, DLF and DWHS, is working on a programme for the 10th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference that will be of relevance for both healthcare professionals, patients, researchers as well as industry.

With the 10th International Lymphoedema Conference, we aim to achieve a greater awareness of the condition and treatment throughout the world, and to ensure that lymphoedema becomes a priority on the national health care agenda everywhere.


Affiliate B/D: EUR 430.00,
Affiliate A/D: EUR 480.00,
Non-affiliate B/D: EUR 530.00,
Non-affliate A/D: EUR 580.00,
1-day attendance B/D: EUR 250.00,
1-day attendance A/D: EUR 300.00
Students all days: EUR 250.00,
Students 1-day: EUR 180.00,
Patients: EUR 215.00