Fri, Aug 24, 2018 · 9:00

Blockchain Technology Summit(BLC-Summit) gather experts from global to discuss the development and applications of Blockchain Technology on Aug.24-25 in Shanghai. Our 30+ talented and expert speakers will share compelling case studies, proven best practices, effective engineering  approaches, and exceptional skills around Blockchain, Digitally encrypt currency, Consensus mechanisms etc. BLC-Summit is a must-attend event for people who are CTOs, VPs of engineering, architects, tech leads. Join us to explore the future of Blockchain Technology!


Rong Chen

Co-founder of Elastos , the founder of Kortide, designer and developer of Elastos network operating system. After invested by Foxconn, Elastos has became an open source operating system with tens of millions of lines of source code which is used to build distributed, cross-Internet IIOT, smart home network operating system.

Cory Skinner

Cory Skinner is the CEO & Founder of RoadLaunch. He is specialized in blockchain, supply chain & logistics software system and IoT web platforms. By integrating blockchain technology, RoadLaunch is focusing on logistics & supply chain management, automated quote framework and digitized freight capacity management.

Roy Li

Roy Li is the founder of Ruff Chain, a famous hacker, senior blockchain expert, serial entrepreneur. He used to be the security advisor of Verisign, Trend Micro, technical director of Nokia North America. Ruff Chain is a brand new blockchain underlying architecture platform based on the Internet of Things.

Fubai Zhong

Co-founder of Nebulas, former architect of Ant Financial blockchain platform He used to be the senior R&D director and the head of game business of Dolphin-browser. He founded the first blockchain online mutual aid platform Tongxinclub in China.

Haiyang Xu

CEO of Jinghang Blockchain, former chief architect at Baidu, core developer of Baidu search engine, AI experts of MSRA. He is proficient in the design and development of large-scale computer system architecture, and he is also active in the cutting edge of blockchain technology.

Haifeng Liu

Chairman of STB Chain Foundation, founder of Blockchain Dreamworks, partner of BDFund, chairman of MIIT expert committee. STB Chain is a world-leading decentralized, tamper proof and traceable scientific and technological achievement trading system.


Founder & CEO of Yaofache, founder of Hotel Tonight Special, head of JD Daojia and rewarded as Forbes China 30 under 30. Yaofache is a blockchain and digital currency information aggregation and technical service platform which is concentrating on building a complete blockchain industry database.

Haobo Ma

Founder of ælf, Founder and CEO of Hoopox, blockchain expert, early digital assets practitioner. He once served as co-founder and CTO and AllCoin CTO of China's first Bitcoin payment company GemPay, and currently serves as CIE blockchain expert. ælf is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network with high performance, resource isolation features, and a better governance and development structure. It has been launched on the 18 major global exchanges, the world's top 20 trading volume, circulation market value 300 million dollars.

Peng Wu

CEO of Yuanben blockchain, co-founder of Primas, blockchain expert. Yuanben blockchain he created is currently the first alliance chain in the copyright content data industry in China. Primas is an open ecosystem of content distribution, recommendation, and transaction. By using blockchains and other technical means to change the existing content market, it solves the problem of high-quality content that is difficult to identify, disseminate, and monetization.

Hailin Wang

R&D Director of Taikang Online Internet Development, he led the building of the blockchain anti-fraud alliance system, which has been put into use and has performed data synchronization and data sharing with multiple channels. He spent nearly 10 years at IBM where he was responsible for ECM product development and industry solution consulting and development.


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