Mon, Apr 01, 2019 · 12:00

The annual St Stupid's day parade, started in 1979, will conduct its April fools day rituals thru the SF financial district.

That's right, it's THAT time of year. Time for yet another Parade in honor of Saint Stupid, patron saint of Civilizations and Parking meters. Brought to you by the FIRST CHURCH of the LAST LAUGH, world's fastest growing 'snack' religion, one holy day a year and APRIL FIRST is IT. This annual spring time event will celebrate the inherent and often unavoidable human trait of STUPIDITY with a parade thru the sidewalks of the SF financial district with stops at the traditional STATIONS of STUPID for the rituals of the SOCK EXCHANGE, the LEAP of FAITH, the PENNY TOSS and many others.

Appropriate costumery, noise makers and signage are encouraged. Fun for the WHOLE FAMILY. Free. Rain and/or Shine Hard to believe? Check out PUZZLING EVIDENCE TV on the Youtube for historic and histaric evidence.

Venue Name: Embarcadero Plaza.

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Comedy.

Attractions | Around Town,
Lifestyle | Philosophy.

Artists / Speakers: Bishop Joey, Ed Holmes, Wavy Gravy.