Tue, Dec 10, 2019 · 8:00

At the Blockchain Opportunity Summit, you will learn from and connect with the innovators who have withstood the storm of speculation to continue building truly transformative solutions. You will leave this event with the network and understanding needed to make your own business more secure, transparent and efficient with blockchain integrated into your emerging tech strategy.

The event brings together the innovative executives leading blockchain experiments and implementations at major organizations. Unlike other events that feature primarily blockchain solution providers, The Blockchain Opportunity Summit prioritizes end users to speak candidly about the opportunities and challenges they’ve faced along the way.

Being mindful of how precious time out of the office is, this is the only comprehensive one-day event solely focused on real use cases and stories from the trenches to grasp a full understanding of the myriad of challenges and opportunities in the ever changing and complex world of blockchain. This interactive event will be structured in a way to not only learn from the unique and invaluable perspectives of our esteemed speaking faculty but also, there is time throughout the event for the audience to share their own experiences, potential use cases and lessons learned to move beyond the abstract or theoretical to understand the important steps to achieve wide-scale adoption.

Early Bird by 9/13/2019: USD 395.00
Advanced by 11/29/2019: USD 595.00
On-Site: USD 695.00

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