Tue, Oct 03, 2017 · 10:00

Yes, we really mean all seven. Yes, including Antarctica. Mark your calendars for 7in7 2022: Southern Ocean edition! Bring dramamine and a warm coat.

But before that epic finale we have seven six years of amazing conferences to plan. We’re a team of digital nomads, remote workers, and location independent entrepreneurs who are coming together to make nomad life better. And we need you to do it.


7in7 is about improving our lifestyles, not just our businesses.

We believe that location independence isn’t just something you do for a few years in your twenties before “settling down.” It’s one of the pillars of the future of work, not to mention an amazing way to live.

There’s no denying there are challenges. Anyone who’s lived this way for more than a few months knows there’s more to it than just making money from a laptop.

From finding a nomadic soulmate and (possibly) having kids on the road, to setting up a remote team and building a long-term passive income strategy (even nomads want to retire someday!) - there’s a lot to figure out.

Why should I come?

100 amazing Nomads in one room

Meet fellow long-term nomads and enjoy meetups based on mutual interests: yoga on the roof? Pet owners? CEOs with a passion for board games? It’s up to you! But most importantly you’ll learn from those who’ve been living the location independent life for two, five, or even more than ten years. Each and every attendee has knowledge to share - and you’ll meet all of them. Find your people.

Incredible speakers

We look for speakers who have something genuine to share, whether it’s sustainable living, the future of remote work, diversity in the nomad space, the realities of multi-decade travel, living a well-designed life, building your investment portfolio, setting up a home base, or having a family on the road. Check out our amazing lineup of speakers from Year One!

An amazing venue

Year One’s venue was the E88 Bangkok, an egg-shaped coworking space and conference venue that has crazy wall art and tons of character. We’ve already got a big list of potential spaces for Year Two in Barcelona, and you better believe we’re going to keep it creative and weird.

A beautiful city

We haven’t met anyone who’s been to Barcelona and hasn’t immediately fallen in love with the culture, the architecture, and the food. But it’s also one of Southern Europe’s most affordable cities, the digital nomad and coworking community has exploded in recent years… and it’s got a beach. Plus we’re continuing our trend of nomad social responsibilty from Year One - from hiring locally to finding ways for our attendees to give back with a volunteer opportunity.