Fri, Nov 01, 2019 · 8:00

FIDIC’s 2017 vs. FIDIC’s 1999 Conditions
Defects Liability Periods (and the like): what are the pitfalls?
Smart contracts: how might technology disruption change construction contracts as we know them?
The importance of the applicable law. How far do lawyers from civil law and common law backgrounds view the same construction law issues differently?
Hardship laws in times of uncertainty: when might contractors successfully rely upon such laws?
The (in)applicability of liquidated damages for delay and the relevant factors that drive their reduction in many jurisdictions
The IBA Rules vs. the Prague Rules in construction arbitrations
Arbitrator selection: ethics and considerations
Prospective vs. retrospective assessments under construction contracts


IBA member before 20 september: EUR 670.0,
Non-member IBA before 20 September: EUR 825.0,
IBA Members after 20 September: EUR 775.0,
Non IBA members after 20 September: EUR 930.0