Thu, Dec 06, 2018 · 12:00
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Adventure Capital Vegas is an exclusive, high-end adventure December 6th – 9th in Las Vegas.

In case you are not yet aware of our event, Adventure Capital, Ltd. is launching an entirely new type of conference in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry: The Entertainment Symposium.

This fall’s event is taking place at The Venetian/Palazzo Casino Resort Vegas and will combine luxury, entertainment, fun and excitement in an atmosphere intermixed with intimations of an industry symposium.  The event will be the first of several planned annual events we intend to host around the world in places like Macau, Monte Carlo, Singapore, St. Bart’s island and other exclusive worldwide venues.

This exclusive four-day entertainment symposium will bring together 200 exclusively selected market makers, enterprise tech leaders, investors and other influential people in the blockchain industry for one of the market’s most select events of the year.

The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.

– Robert Kiyosaki

Attendees will be staying in one of the luxury suites at The Venetian/Palazzo, Las Vegas casino resort—consistently rated as one of the world’s top hotel resort, entertainment and convention venues. Best of all, this exclusive event will be filled with fun and exciting activities: poker tournament, Lamborghini and Ferrari racing, helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, exclusive golf outing, luxury spa day and VIP table services at one of Vegas’ top nightclubs. The itinerary will also include an Event Gala with industry Keynotes and Vegas style entertainment and celebrity host, as well as a world class dining experience, reception cocktail parties and depart brunch and wrap-up.

Blended among these entertainment activities will be thought-provoking Keynote addresses and insightful talks from leading industry experts, as well as several symposium roundtable and breakout discussions—all designed to inspire informal talks and discussions of industry trends, markets and opportunities among the attendees while they enjoy the event.  The entertainment activities combined within industry venues will enable people to spend more time together than a brief conversation and interchange of contact and follow up information.

Overall, Adventure Capital Vegas was specially designed to provide a venue and setting that promotes relationship building and business networking among industry peers. Deals are most often made through solid networks of business relationships (we anticipate numerous strategic partnerships and business transactions to be made during and after the event!); and so, our overall goal is to help people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency craft deep relationships to maximize their potential, while also ensuring every attendee has a great deal of fun and excitement doing it!

Please also visit the Adventure Capital Website and watch our video at Adventure Capital Vegas. Also, this is a link to the Event Brochure.