Fri, Jun 21
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Stray Cats
Stray Cats


The parking area allows motorhomes and vans, but take note that there are no facilities (bathrooms, showers, electricity) for the motorhomes as it is usually just a parking area.

All vehicles accessing the festival will be allowed to park in the Mendizorroza football stadium located 300m from the festival site. This area is exclusively for parking vehicles, meaning it is prohibited to camp there. The camping site is located next to the festival

Located around the festival area you will find bar counters where you can purchase mineral water, beer, energy drinks, sandwiches and more. There will also be vegetarian food available.

No food or drink will be allowed in to the festival area

Yes, the disabled area will be located a suitable distance from the stage where you will be able to watch the concert comfortably. The disabled platform will be high enough for you to see the concerts perfectly.

A security check will be held at the entrance for the well being of the public. The festival advises you to travel as light as possible. 

Under 18 year olds can enter the festival without the need of an adult, but will not be allowed to purchase alcoholic drinks inside the festival area. ID will be asked for when in doubt.

There is no entertainment for those under 8 years old. The festival advises you to not bring small children to such a large festival as it is not an adequate place for them to be due to the high volume of the music and the amount of people assisting. Under 8s do not need to buy a ticket.