Private tutor live online at Teachbeach. It's a great time to begin - or enhance your skills - learning one of the most beautiful of the Romance languages in the world. Master French pronunciation and speak like a native. Lessons are mostly in French, taught by a former professor at the famous New York School Fluent City.

First, we will assess your current conversational abilities, goals and dreams, in French of course! But don't be intimidated! I've taught lawyers and doctors who never spoke at all, and others who took French only in high school. You will feel energised by my love for the language and your progress will inspire you also with the beauty of the sound.

We'll cover:

* The uniqueness of French pronunciation, and how it is different from English

* Basic grammar and vocabulary for conversational French, or specialised vocabulary for more advanced speakers

* Nuances of the language structure that make French unique, so that you recognize common sounds and forms

* We'll talk a lot! In French!

At the end of the lessons you will feel comfortable at a new level of coversation with French speakers.

Nenad has taught German, Spanish and French in NYC at Fluent City, the most innovative language company offering in person and online classes in 11 different languages. A professional actor, he has also voiced several educational programs among which is 'Auténtico', an educational text book in Spanish, used by 40% of all public schools in the US.

Nenad Zezelj grew up multilingual and speaks, besides English, fluently German, Swiss German, Spanish, French and Serbo-Croatian.

He currently works as a translator and bilingual supervisor at TransPerfect Studios, one of the biggest companies worldwide providing language services and technology solutions for global businesses. He graduated from the College of Commerce in Switzerland and from the New York Film Academy in New York City.

Specialties: Native in English, German, Spanish and fluent in French