Thu, Mar 26 · 9:00

Blockchain is now demonstrating real operation potential in its potential to solve business problems. Recent examples include Walmart, launching its new blockchain-based supply chain in 2019, Amazon announced its new AWS Blockchain-based managed service and Shell Oil in partnership with London's Applied blockchain, launched its first-ever blockchain-based commodity trading platform in December 2018. In June 2019 Facebook joining the cryptocurrency market announcing the launch of its new Blockchain-based currency Libra further verifying its business credentials as a quality platform

This 2 day Blockchain Masterclass will examine its potential to solve business problems in 2020 and beyond Blockchain technology removes the reliance on a trusted third party to maintain a central ledger and whilst financial marketplaces have been the most widely used application at the time of writing, this is not the only type of transaction where it can improve business performance.

General Admision: GBP 1100.0

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Venue Name: Royal Society of Chemistry