Mon, Jul 23, 2018 · 8:30

Blockchain Visionnaire Summit brings thought-leaders, builders, and investors from around the world for a full information and inspiration-packed day. Collaborate, connect and learn from successful blockchain entrepreneurs who aim to build a decentralized future.

The program includes three panels which will focus on the fundamental elements needed to build a legitimate blockchain company and discussion on how the technology affects our lives.

Technology. Creating a viable product.

Berlin is a Startup Hub offering many benefits; low rental costs, access to qualified engineers and an active Blockchain community. Thus it’s the perfect place to discuss technology. What are the challenges blockchain developers and entrepreneurs are facing? Which platforms should you consider when building a product? How will we deal with scalability issues? How can we shape our decentralized future? During our technology panel, we will also discuss the convergence of AI & blockchain; blockchain and IoT.

Funding. Financing a blockchain venture.

With increasing government regulations, we will discuss best tactics to fund blockchain ventures and be compliant. Venture capitalist speakers will share first round expectations, raising methodologies and budgeting. We will also discuss learnings from popular token sale events & overall take-away.

Marketing. Building a die-hard community and raising brand awareness.

Companies like Telegram, Ethereum and others reached their goals via their die hard communities. To successfully raise funds, Blockchain startups must find innovative ways to grow their community and raise their brand awareness without the help of paid advertising. Our panelists of journalists, media, growth hacking and pr professionals will share latest tactics used by successful blockchain startups. How to peak the interest of the press? How to get Influencers onboard? How to appeal to a mass audience? We will also discuss the ongoing debate of Google, Facebook, and Twitter paid advertising censorship and what the future holds.

Speakers: Venture capitalists, FOAM, Kora Network, Steemit, Cindicator, Weeve, German Blockchain Foundation, German Bitcoin Foundation, Justin Wu, and others.

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