Sun, Sep 02, 2018 · 14:00
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The Brunch is an outdoor event where you will find a good atmosphere, shaded areas and areas with tables where you can rest between dances. The location we chose, as in the previous season, is the emblematic Tapada da Ajuda in Lisbon.

Are you hungry? Here is the least of your problems. We think about it and have prepared a wide gastronomic selection so that you can enjoy your palate. From the most carnivorous food to vegetarian dishes. So you do not miss anything!

Our purpose is to bring the lovers of electronic music closer to the international artists as well as to the national scene. We want you to enjoy great sessions in the light of day, without having to stay up late, that's what our format is based on. Festivals are fantastic places to be able to enjoy with friends, but we have another concept added, the family frendly. Here the children enjoy as much as you.

The Petit Brunch is the space of the festival designed so that adults and children can live in the same place, and enjoy together a good lunch, live music and the sun. The activities of the Petit Brunch are a very important part for the little ones. For you to enjoy in this space, we plan a series of original and fun activities. They will have fun in inflatables, table football, workshops and more.

Black Coffee - Brunch Elektronik Lisboa
Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Given its meteoric rise to fame, it would be easy to stereotype Black Coffee as just another black diamond on the electronic music scene. But this one demonstrated with his album "Home Brewed", winner of the South African Music Award, which is a DJ and producer that defies the conventional. Avoiding the clichés of Afro-house, Black Coffee's music is known as the true Afropolitan house: its sounds are fresh and with almost sculptural balance and beauty. Your enormous talent and creative genius promise to bless everything and everyone, whatever your country or culture.

Tickets online from 11 € / Opening: 14:00 / Closing: 22:00

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Brunch Elektronik Lisboa 2018 Open Air
Brunch Elektronik by Day
Brunch Elektronik Lisboa 2018 Open Air
Brunch Elektronik by Night

How to get there

Search for "Brunch Electronik Lisboa" in the CABIFY / UBER / TAXI / GOOGLE MAPS apps

The ideal option to get to the Brunch is to take the Carris 723, 729, 742, 760 buses that run between Algés, Ajuda, Benfica and Pontinha. To leave the door of the event you should leave at the stop of the University Help Pole, then just follow the beats!