Sat, May 02 · 13:00

Camden Rocks Festival proudly presents an all-day rock-n-roll bonanza feat. The Vone, Mallavora, Season of Ghosts, Hadrian, Branwell Black, Heist At Five, Desmerelda, Fuzzwalker and Fake Swans live at The Lounge Promotion.

Since the continued success of Camden Rocks Festival, we're running a string of 'presents' shows to give you some of the best new alternative, indie, rock and metal music about!

Doors - 1:00pm to 10:30pm // Price - £10.00 Adv.

Tickets -

18+ Only

After Party

Camden Rocks Club at The Underworld Camden.


The Vone -

Word up planet Earth! We're The Vone and we’re gonna give rock a new roll! We've been jamming together since high school lunch times when we lived in Portugal. We became The Vone in December 2016. The band has five key components: Marcelo (lead vocals, guitar, sax), Marek (lead guitar), Jayne (vocals, percussion), Jonny (drums) and Will (bass). We're an international band. Marek and Marcelo met back in Portugal where they grew up, but Marek is Polish and Marcelo is Brazilian-Portuguese. The latest additions to the band, Jonny, Jayne and Will are all from different parts of the UK! Our background gives us fresh inspiration, which we believe can and will absolutely shake the music industry in the years to come! Rock on!

Mallavora -

There is a gaping hole in British music in the shape of grassroots rock bands. Too many new bands are changing their sound to be palatable to the masses. As a result, young rock fans are only exposed to bands who are more than twice their age, from the other side of the world, or both. Mallavora are a four-piece British rock band bringing heavy rock music back to young people in an inclusive space.

Season of Ghosts - 


General Admission: GBP 10.0

Artists: The Vone, Mallavora, Seasons Of Ghosts, Hadrian, Branwell Black, Heist At Five, Desmerelda, Fuzzwalker, Fake Swans