Sat, Oct 19, 2019 · 19:45

An inspirational evening of words, poetry and music presented by the Coryphaeus Ensemble of renowned international performers.

The ensemble "Coryphaeus" was formed to explore the possibilities of free-form vocal and instrumental improvisation in various combinations. The event "Poems From The Celestial Press" uses Derek Barnes' poetry as the starting point for an evening of words declaimed and sung, underscored and interwoven with spontaneous freely improvised music.

The cycle "Poems From The Celestial Press" draws from the wisdom and inspiration of the heart and spirit, offering love, guidance and strength.

Katherine Manners - Voice of the Poet
Colin Griffiths-Brown - Voice of the Poet
Derek Barnes - Director, Vocals, Piano
Jodie Elms - Vocals
Neyire Ashworth - Clarinets
Rebecca Carrington - Cello


* This is an incredible group of artists. I have seen this is all improv based and thus different each time. Not to be missed! Very moving and uplifting event and Derek Barnes poetry is truly inspired. (SP)

* A shining experience, which draws us in and holds us with ease, thanks to the imagination, skill and humanity of Derek Barnes and his Ensemble. Thank you very much indeed for this beautiful performance - which simultaneously inspires and cleanses. Wonderful work! (CW)

* Thank you for a wonderful evening, it was magical., . . . you've created something that is working on many levels and I congratulate you, I think the standing ovation summed it up! Sometimes we don't need words, and that spoke volumes! (LA)

* I was privileged to be at the world premiere of this group's work. The integration of emotional intelligence with generosity of outstanding talents and artistic endeavour produced an emotionally charged and intellectually stimulating experience that was thought provoking and which stayed with me on the long journey home. The essence and integrity of the evening has lingered and I sincerely hope that there will be a growing interest so that the work may continue and flourish. (SC)

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Artists / Speakers: Katherine Manners, Colin Griffiths-Brown, Derek Barnes, Rebecca Carrington-Brown, Neyire Ashworth, Jodie Elms.


Price: General unreserved admission - GBP 20.00.