Thu, Aug 13 · 9:00

The International Conference and Exhibition on Cosmetology & Plastic Surgery are scheduled to be held during August 13-14, 2020 in Venice, Italy. The conference’s theme “Scientific Innovations and Strategies in Cosmetology and Beauty” will explore advances in the field of cosmetology. It aims to transform skincare with the help of current research and innovation in cosmetology and plastic surgery.

Cosmetology reflects an unmatched abundance of clinical variety, and its scope is very broad and different and any progression in the field has the capacity to considerably enhance all aspects of patient care in plastic surgery and cosmetology. The conference deals with research, diagnosis, management, and treatment of all conditions related to skin, hair, and nails. Further, it helps the participants in developing new partnerships and collaborations and in making purchasing decisions in related fields.

This conference will be an exceptional event that will bring together both celebrated and novice cosmetologists, leading universities and other establishments in cosmetology to share their knowledge and to foster collaboration across the world for trade and further advancements.

Cosmetology-2020 will address important and challenging issues in plastic surgery and cosmetology through introductions, discussions, and exchanges. It will provide a platform for professionals across the globe to discuss any uncertain clinical issues.

This worldwide gathering will include a wide range of events including informative talks from eminent scientists and scholars, plenary sessions, keynote lectures, trade exhibitions, symposia, workshops other social and academic gatherings that will help participants connect with industry pioneers, trade encounters and produce cooperative associations. We hope this conference will help you stay up to date on present issues in cosmetology.