We are really excited to be continuing the magic of our in person events by bringing them online!

An invitation to an extraordinary event.

Join us on Zoom and make new friends, getting to know each other by having deep and meaningful conversations. We provide you with questions to help you skip the small talk and connect with others on a deeper level - the answers are down to you.

This event is for you if...

- You are missing that meaningful connection in your life during lockdown

- You want more satisfying, deeper conversations

- You want more meaningful and long-lasting connections in your life

- You crave more from life and know its out there

- You are bored and want to have fun and explore a new type of event!

All you need is an internet connection and the ability to speak English to join us.

Tickets here:

How does it work?
Using zoom breakout rooms we will pair you one-on-one with each partner where you will connect for 15 minutes. You are encouraged to use our questions to get to know the other person. The time allows you to really get to know each other, gives you the space to explore each question deeply if desired and explore many questions. Each conversation is unique and unpredictable. While we provide the questions, you are also free to take the conversation in any direction you chose.

Heres some examples of deep questions...

'What would you do if you had all the money and time in the world?'

'Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?'

'What makes you come alive?'

What we love about deep conversation:
It gets under the surface, and you have permission to ask questions to really see and understand the human in front of you. They are engaging because they are real, raw and honest. There are no limits to where the conversation can go.

In Deep Conversation we try to:
- Be vulnerable
- Be honest about our experience of life
- Be curious about the other person
- Listen deeply

You may leave feeling: uplifted, inspired, connected, invigorated, positive, grateful

At the end you are welcome to stay and continue talking as a group in the main room.

Really want to get to know someone? Then come along and share your thoughts and feelings and have fun!

During this unusual time we are running more events than normal at a reduced price to reach and help as many people as we can.

Drop in - £3
Price £5 for Full Week Pass (Access to 5 Deeper Conversations events)

Month pass - £15 (Access to 16+ events)


Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

Select your day or get a week pass. You will be sent the zoom link(s) once you have bought a ticket.

Take care and stay safe


Want to know more about Deeper Conversations?

We have a mission at Deeper Conversations to improve the quality of people's lives through conversation. All our events are centered around the concept of connecting deeply, because we believe we all deserve to be seen, felt and understood for who we really are. To have the 'deeper conversation' approach when relating with others can change our lives and can change the world. Join our community.



Feedback on previous events:

"I went yesterday and I had the most amazing time you’ll really enjoy meeting so many different people and the conversations are really refreshing and genuinely authentic.

I have gained so much confidence in the last month by coming to this meet up!"

- Parimal

"This is a wonderful event, run by two extraordinary individuals who care deeply. If you attend, your life will be better for it"

- David Saville

"Oh I loved it, it was such a wonderful experience and to meet all of the awesome people just excellent"

- Michael

"This is one of the best meetups I have been to. With great organisers and an upbeat lively welcoming environment. I would highly recommend that all newcomers give it a try. An experience you will always remember."

- Edomi