Wed, May 29, 2019 · 9:00

DevOps Days is community-focused and highly interactive. We have a single-track format, with 30 min talks for most of the day, 5 min ignite talks and finally break out to dive deep into open spaces to share problems and learning, and tech talks to go into practical detail on technical topics. We pair that with great food and drinks and top it off with an incredible event on day 1 to allow the community to come together to relax and celebrate new friends and learning.

As a participant, you can expect to hear from and meet experts, peers or your next hire. Our sponsors may be your next breakthrough solution, partner, or your next job. You'll make friends and contacts that will support your entire career and help you reach your next milestone, whatever it is. We've had attendees from Australia, Argentina and Austria, along with just about everywhere else, and you'll see first hand how that diversity of perspectives creates an incredibly rich experience. DevOps Days Toronto is a global conference about the entire universe of making better software and making software better.

Come to DevOps Days to learn about everything DevOps, including:
- Software Delivery
- Organizational Design and Operation
- Feedback, Metrics and Monitoring
- Automation
- Security and Compliance
- Data and Information
- Innovation and Digital Transformation
- Continuous Improvement
- Testing and Quality
- Collaboration and Culture
- Scale and Distribution
- State and Statelessness
- Servers and Serverlessness
- Containers, Immutability, 12 Factor apps
- Lean Development and Experimentation
- Cloud and Datacenter Practices
- Way, Way More


Regular Attendance: CAD 200.0,
Team Pack: CAD 1800.0,
Supporter: CAD 400.0,
Free For Underrepresented Individuals: CAD 0.0

Speakers: Dominica DeGrandis, Emily Freeman, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Austen Novis, Bozhidar Lenchov, Chaiti Banerjee, Chris Trotter, Courtney Eckhardt, Dan Garfield, Denise Yu, Greg Szabo, Hany Fahim, Jacquelyne Grindrod, Jay Gordon, Jesse Malone, Lilia Gutnik, Mark Hopson, Max Timchenko, Monti Ghai