Tue, Mar 14, 2017 · 8:00

The Disrupt Space Summit brings the most promising space startups to meet with top investors and executives. This two-day event is fueled with business meetings, inspiring keynotes and hands on activities to foster collaboration towards building a sustainable space economy.

300+ participants | 25+ countries | 35+ speakers | 50 startups

"There’s never been a gathering quite like this before in Europe, but there is now a boom in space entrepreneurs." -- CCTV-America

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Space startups

The Disrupt Space Summit gives space entrepreneurs globally the right resources to succeed and grow. We provide you access to international media, potential funding, customer and partnership exposure, and of course inspiring talks - all within the scope of two days!

Whether you have already raised millions or just incorporated your company, the summit offers you opportunities to accelerate you and your business to new heights.


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Ripple Aerospace

Effective Space Solutions

Space Analyzer

Decision makers

Space is no longer only in the realm of science and exploration. New ways of using space are posed to disrupt industries as diverse as agriculture, logistics, insurance and finance. The Disrupt Space Summit offers you as decision maker from all industries, non-profits and governments an opportunity to work hands-on together with the brightest space entrepreneurs globally on how spacetech can be used to directly benefit your businesses.


Spacetech is hot! Gone are government contracts and ROIs of 10-20 years. Spacetech has recently joined the rest of the startup scene as a valid investment vertical filled with nimble companies with scalable digital business models - solving the pains of real end users today! Join the Disrupt Space Summit to find the next investment opportunity among 50 carefully selected spacetech startups and learn about spacetech from experts and successful entrepreneurs attending from around the world.