Thu, Sep 07, 2017 · 9:30

Four days full of program, 10 top keynote speakers, workshops, masterminds and 500 motivated like-minded people. Inspiring and motivating talks, actionable take-aways and business Know-How, unique DNX vibe, lot's of networking.


We started the movement in 2012. It was then that we established initial connections in the digital nomad scene, organized the first meet ups, and founded DNX, the first digital nomad conference.

We have a big vision: We want to support all the digital nomads worldwide and connect them with each other. We not only help people live free, self-determined lives from anywhere around the globe, but we also try to help them improve all other areas of their lives. If you are happy and satisfied, you can pass along that joy by helping others.

Aside from our German events we are also organizing global DNX conferences in Berlin, Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Lisbon. Learn more about them on

Next to the DNX conferences we are organizing Coliving and Coworking camps at tropical places all over the world. The DNX CAMPS take place in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Thailand, Costa Rica, Morocco, California, Egypt or Greece. You want to join? Right this way:

On the daily DNX LIFE HACKZ Podcast you will get a new episode, full of know-how about location independent working. Aside from digital nomadism, Marcus shares the best hints around the themes of personal growth, health and fitness, biohacking, spirituality, productivity, and mindfulness.