Saturday · 16:00

Does solid scientific evidence exist to support the great flood spoken of by the Bible? Tom Olson, a geologist with 31 years of field experience working with world renowned scientists, national park rangers, and researchers from the Institute for Creation Research, will reveal the believe-it-or-not scientific truth in an eye-opening presentation at the Sierra Vista Seventh-day Adventist Church -- 777 highway 92 -- on Saturday, April 4 beginning at 4pm. Mr. Olson, who is also a published author with articles in at least 16 scientific journals and bulletins, will talk about the rare and unusual fossils he has unearthed that have been classified as "out of place" in the earth's strata. He will also offer educational and challenging hands-on activities for the kids, including digging up and identifying fossils. It's free and all are welcome. Don't miss out! Space is limited.