Sun, Aug 23, 2020 · 9:00
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Dogs want to please us but often we don't communicate this, in a way they understand. I will help you to be clear about your expectations and show your dog how to please you. I will spend time with the entire family, so that everyone is "on the same page" with command language and training protocols.

I began training guide dogs for the blind many years ago, and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a puppy you have trained meet a person with a major disability and change their lives! With these dogs, consistency is everything, and the training needs to be solid enough for a person to literally put their lives in the hands - or paws - of a dog.

Today I also operate a dog-walking business, and work with a large number of dogs in the private sector who are minimally trained. In the process, I have come up with a set of principles that most people can use with some hand-holding and coaching to transform their pet into a better friend and companion.

My style is tough love, with compassion for all. The truth shall set you free! So if you are ready to hear what you can do to make this relationship even better - for you! - let’s get in touch.

I live in St. Petersburg and my clients are some of the highest end neighborhoods in the city, which does not indicate dog behavior! But if you have a problem dog in the area, or just want to really well-train your pup, I can help!

Specialties: Training guide dogs for the blind, dog-walking, staying in charge.See more at