Tue, Oct 15, 2019 · 17:30

Dr. Dan Moshavi Ph.D., Dean, Lucas College & Graduate School of Business, SJSU, will speak at the event Enhancing Your Interpersonal Power and Organizational Influence.

As the dean of Lucas College and Graduate School of Business at SJSU, Dr. Moshavi has cultivated some of the sharpest minds in business today. Now, he will share his insights on communicating efficiently to improve your influence in the workplace.

There are different tools we can use to help sell our idea. This skill requires a delicate balance between informality and professionalism. Through his years of teaching, Dr. Moshavi has honed that line, influencing some of today’s most influential minds.

In this interactive dinner event, attendees will learn the interpersonal communication skills necessary to:

- Read a room for targeted pitches
- Manage stress so you can share your thoughts more efficiently
- Make a lasting impression in the smallest of interactions

Dr. Moshavi will engage attendees and inspire them to stand out among their peers. It will provide audience members with the tools they need to navigate through office politics and reach their career goals.

Enhancing Your Interpersonal Power and Organizational Influence starts with a cocktail hour at 5:30 PM, hosted by Silicon Valley Bank. Cocktail hour will be followed by a buffet-style dinner, The evening will culminate with Dr. Moshavi’s speech.

Venue Name: SJSU Hammer Theatre Center.

Category: Classes / Courses | Professional Training | Meetup & Networking.

Artists / Speakers: Dr. Dan Moshavi.

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