Tue, Dec 07, 2021 · 8:00

Technological advances simultaneously make financial services more accessible and more complicated. A proliferation of digital banks, online stock trading services and crypto-currencies have empowered lay people to tap into financial markets in new and disruptive ways. At Fearless in FinTech you will have the opportunity to learn from the most creative leaders at both Emerging FinTech Companies and Established Financial Services Firms in order to ready yourself and your organization for the increasingly diffuse and interactive way customers engage with their money.

- Build a Network of Leaders from FinTech and Emerging Financial Companies to Fortify your own strategy.
- Garner specific tactics for capitalizing on the latest developments in FinTech.
- Align Yourself and Your Organization with Inclusion as a key Priority.
- Get Ahead of the ever faster transformation taking place in financial services.
- Discover how to develop an evolving roadmap and culture in your business.


General Admission from: USD 595.00

Venue details: Online