Fri, Nov 15, 2019 · 19:00

With elements of house, techno, afrobeat, jazz and world music; you won't have seen music performed like this before.

On this occasion Sebastian will be featuring a variety of artists during his set for improvised collaborations. From spoken word, to dance, to drums, Sebastian has handpicked these artists from personal encounters, each artist a force in their own right:

Liz Joy Oakley - Spoken Word
Leon Michael King - Guitar
Alkis Livathinos - Keys/Synth
Stacey Doherty - Sax
Stefano Ancora - Percussion
LuAmi Nicholls - Vocals
Magnus Dahlstrand - Drum Machine



Aonian creates downtempo and trippy dance electronica with Mediterranean elements. Melodies and soundscapes are woven interchangeably into a continuous emotive and cinematic flow. The Greek born and London based producer uses field recording, storytelling, synths, and pianos to paint a musical picture representing the past and present of our surroundings.



Michael Sebastian improvises dance music in real time. His music has the structure of modern electronic; the freedom of jazz, and the depth of world music. Using guitar, vocals, beatbox, and a synth, he layers ideas on the fly, creating a rich, vibrant sound. His affinity for groove and feel allows for conflicting styles to fluidly co-exist.



An acoustic trio formed from accomplished guitar players Leon King, Ryan Stanford and percussionist Kyle Blackburn on the Hand Pan. Together the trio bring a blend of all forms of music from decades of collective experience that coalesce into a symphonic ambient explosion designed to lift you gently into and through other worlds and dimensions, mostly improvised and inspired by the fields of the summer.

Music from 8
£5 After 10PM

Venue Name: Grow