Tue, Aug 14, 2018 · 16:02
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6 days in a remote village in northern Spain amidst the Pyrenees mountains

1 village, 250 hectares

1,000+ attendees

50+ inspiring speakers with 100+ freedom talks and educational workshops

Freedom X Fest brings together all major players from the Location Independent Movement. Over 6 days, we will have 100+ speakers and workshop facilitators, exhibitors and partner stages. For extra fun, we will also have an outdoor swimming pool, beautiful hiking trails, lakes and dams, botanical gardens, a natural rock climbing wall, canyoning, farm animals, BBQ’s and lots of fun sports (football, kayaking, archery, badminton, volleyball).

At our special event, we will have these AMAZING headlines:

Ben Keene, Founder of Tribe Wanted and Head of Escape, will get you cracking the code on “How to get your idea in the world” with plenty of experience helping over 1000 people start their businesses through Escape the City & Virgin Startup.

Kevin Hainline, Astronomer from the NASA will be pinpointing “Your place in the universe” and leading night star walks in the Pyrenees mountains.

Casey Fenton, the Founder of Couchsurfing who truly revolutionised the way we can travel and connect with locals, as well as planted the seed for the sharing economy concept that AirBnB and many others adapted since. Casey’s new passion is to share the secrets of Identity hacking and how it can help you to unlock the freedom you truly desire.

Varun Sharma, a representative of the Estonian Government, will be sharing about the future of residency and new opportunities for digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs to design their freedom lifestyles. Kendall Beveridge from Facebook will be sharing on “Vision to Reality: through Facebook’s goal setting vision writing process” that is an absolute treasure for those of you after achieving big dreams.

Steve Munroe is the Cofounder and CEO of Hubud, the award winning bamboo co-working space in Bali that is changing the way people live, work and learn will be sharing on Money Matters: Start creating better money habits. Just to name a few of the truly inspirational speakers who will show up at Freedom X Fest.

There are so many more speakers are coming with content that will spin-your world. See the first line-up >> https://freedomxfest.com/2018-speakers/