Tomorrow · 18:30

Are you super tired, stressed, or have become anxious all of a sudden? Is your partner getting on your nerves more than ever?
Is your body changing shape, your period inconsistent and moods more erratic?
Around the age of 40, something changes for women. We assume that these are just symptoms of our busy multi-faceted lives: the responsibilities of motherhood, aging parents, running the household and careers. Menopause is not yet on our radar, as we are still young, relatively speaking. Yet these changes that will eventually lead to the cessation our our menstrual cycle actually begin as early as the mid-thirties.

This is PERIMENOPAUSE, and the changes can cause more distress than is necessary.

Join us for an eye-opening talk with researcher, therapist and writer Dr Hillary McBride and integrative physician Dr Anita Tannis to find out what it is and how you can support yourself and the women in your life.

General Admission: CAD 42.00

Venue Name: Library Square Conference Centre - Alice MacKay Room