Sat, Mar 16 · 15:00

But this is no ordinary Gelato Festival - each contestant has already won the gold medal at a Gelato Festival in America. The stakes are high and the gelato will decide it all, so every flavor will be AMAZING!
One flavor of gelato and the artisan who prepares it will be selected by a popular vote among guests and the professional opinion of the judging panel as the Miami 2019 American Final Winner! A gold cup made by Paolo Penko the Florentine Goldsmith will signify this lucky chef's great achievement - and serve as an invitation to compete against the best of the best in the Worldwide Final in Italy 2021, the Gelato Festival World Masters.
Besides ALL THE GELATO YOU CAN EAT IN ONE DAY, guests enjoy Gelato Festival games and contests - all included in the price of the ticket!

PROMO! Buy 2 and get 1 free!: USD 16.66
Adults: USD 25.0
Minors: USD 10.0
Seniors and veterans: USD 20.0
Kids under 2: USD 0.0
Gelato To Go: USD 15.0