Wed, Oct 23, 2019 · 19:45

Mary Shelley's classic gothic horror, Frankenstein, is adeptly re-told in this imaginative new version set in the 1930s.

Dr Frankenstein has been working on an other-worldly experiment that will push the boundaries of physics. His experiment comes to life with devastating results. Will he be able to stop his creation, or will it destroy everything in Frankenstein's life...?

Harking back to the original classic novel, this version heightens the suspense and horror, whilst adding greater depth of character as well as an intriguing new love story. All of the expected gothic horror elements are here, from the laboratory to the crazed scientist, a swooning heroine, the fearful storm, an angry mob of villagers and of course, Frankenstein's hideous creation.

Standard: GBP 12.5,
Student : GBP 10.0

Category: Community | Local / Community

Venue Name: Prior's Field Theatre