Thu, Sep 19, 2019 · 6:30

Description: This course will empower women and men in medicine with the skills and resources to remove barriers and bias of women in leadership positions specific to the challenges in healthcare. Leaders in business and healthcare will present evidence-based strategies to promote professional development and enhance personal well-being. Nationally, there is large number of female clinicians reporting burnout which has a potential effect on patient experience, compliance, and outcomes. This course will address the growing need for improved clinician wellness and development for a gender balanced leadership healthcare team.

This course is intended for professional women and men in healthcare interested in developing a gender balanced leadership healthcare team: clinicians, administrators, and allied health staff.

Upon completion of this activity: 1. Describe how to enhance communication with colleagues and team members to improve team based care and to better manage conflict. 2. Identify symptoms of burnout in themselves and will be able to describe strategies to manage these symptoms. 3. Formulate action plans to create and support a diverse healthcare team.

Registration Fee: USD 1125.0