Fri, Nov 01, 2019 · 9:00

House of Multiple Occupancy is a growing market demand for individual units of accommodation. HMOs are used by professionals, trades people, students and there is a growing need for them in the Social Housing sector.

Come join us for half a day, filled with productive content to get you started in your HMO property building journey.

You will learn -
- How to find, fund and fill your HMOs
- Understand the regulations in place and work within this remit
- How to finance your HMOs without any money
- Introduction to HMO systems so it can be hands free
- How to create the best rooms on a budget
- How to make huge profits with HMOs with real life case studies

RRP - £449
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Artists / Speakers: Rob Moore, Mark Homer, Glenn Delve, Paul O'Mahoney, Kevin Mcdonnel.