Sat, Aug 31
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The nearest international airport to Dortmund is Dusseldorf, however, you still may be able to find some direct flights to Dortmund. 

The city is easily accessible by rail from the rest of Germany though.

Once in the city, you can get a 5 minute taxi out to Fredenbaumpark from the city centre.

The festival is 16+ and ID may be required at the entrance. 

No, unfortunately not. For both environmental and health reasons, only the certified festival powder is allowed on the premises.

There is no dress code, however, most festival-goers come dressed in white because it works best with the coloured powder.

Yes, the colours can be washed out easily, however, bright fabrics are more sensitive.

Yes, the colours can be removed from the skin and hair easily.

On site there will be a sale of paint powder at a cost of 2 euros per pack.