Mon, Aug 19
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If you're flying into Eindhoven, you can take either bus 400 or 401 into the city centre.


Eindhoven's central station has good rail links with the rest of the Netherlands, however, if you are travelling from further afield or from a marginal city or town in the Netherlands, your journey may require a change, or two.


You can easily reach Eindhoven by coach from the rest of the Netherlands as well as other major European cities. 

From central Eindhoven, buses 3, 4 or 404 will take you to within a short walk of the festival site and shouldn't cost you more than a couple of euros. 

Coloured powder will be available at the festival. You are not allowed to bring your own.

Don't wear clothes that are too important to you! Prepare to be completely covered in colourful powder, and bear in mind that white and light-coloured clothing give the best effect!