Thu, Dec 05, 2019 · 15:00

Our 6th Annual Innovations in Wound Healing (IWH) unique meeting is led by a group of experienced educators, scientists and clinicians interested in communicating new approaches to the repair of tissues throughout the human body. The program will focus on the science of tissue repair and the implementation of new findings. We share a vision of establishing a welcoming venue to disseminate and exchange the latest advances and thinking in the science of tissue repair and the development of novel, improved strategies to address an important medical need. Participants will gain a broader perspective of the challenges of moving basic science discovery into patient care, from our presentations that extend from molecular biology to clinical development, This one-of-kind conference will be a balance between formal presentations, informal discussions, and poster sessions, with the goal of maximizing networking opportunities for all involved.

The goals of IWH are to provide an intimate environment in which to discuss innovative ideas in research and development that will impact wound care and tissue repair. To maximize personal interaction between faculty and attendees in both social and didactic settings.


Physician fee: USD 595.0,
Non-Physicians fee: USD 395.0,
Residents/Fellows/Students fee: USD 99.0