Sun, Jun 21, 2020 · 7:45

We´ll go out on the harbor to learn basic methods and have fun along the way.

So appropriately for conditions (If it will be cold, bring extra layers, farmer jane/john, wetsuit, etc.)

You'll need a few things: Drinking Water, Closed toe foot-gear required, water shoes recommended (we will likely be in and out of kayaks/boards and in proximity to oyster beds, rocks, etc.), A snack (some classes can be tiring and having an extra boost of energy can make all the difference), Sun protection (sun hats, sunscreen, long sleeves, or however you choose to protect yourself from the sun).

If you are in a rolling class, we highly recommend either a swim mask that covers your nose, or a combination of swim goggles and nose clip

Sweetwater kayaks is happy to provide you with a kayak or paddle board to use at no extra cost. We may require you to use one of our boats or boards if we believe yours could be unsafe or inappropriate for the class (such as a sit on top for a roll class).

We require PFDs to be used during instructional classes as well as any other safety equipment deemed necessary by your

Classes are subject to cancellation due to weather or any other hazards. Full refunds if you cannot reschedule are immediate!

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