Sat, Sep 21, 2019 · 10:00

The whole process of going through a Kundalini yoga teacher training India is to learn to be able to see the world with a greater vision in the sense that you feel one with the almost everything that is created. After going through the course, the empathic abilities of indidual rise to the maximum level and a person becomes capable of understanding almost everything and everyone with an ease and you are telepathic capabilities have also developed.


These are some of the many spiritual discoveries that come when the Kundalini yoga teacher training in Rishikesh course is practised. Kundalini is a dormant energy resting at the base of the spine. Kundalini has unlimited energy that is considered as the force of creation. The Kundalini energy is found in the subtle body and works in conjunction with the chakras and the nadis. The decision to go through this course is an opportunity to unravel your spiritual powers in the best ways.