Sat, Jun 08 · 10:00

L for Lupus Foundation, strives to aid individuals who have any auto-immune related disease, as well to aid the caregivers to help aid in the individuals fight against their illness, by improving the quality of care with resources available to them . Our mission is to help those who live with lupus and autoimmune disease in California and the nationwide, not only by providing educational material but, by standing alongside them in the front lines of their daily battles. Programs like Butterflies in Hardships, Mariposa Scholarship Program and Biq Moves Youth and Empowerment Programs. These programs and resources are available to our community with donations thru our fundraising. These programs have a positive impact in our communities by allowing a child to be involved with sports, music, and buy uniforms or books for school for those children whose parent are disabled or can't work every day because they are ill and have a hard time making ends meet. Some parents cannot afford to buy their children what is needed for school. L for Lupus pays for transportation to and from doctor's office or chemotherapy, physical therapy. Our programs help with bills, groceries, transportation, emotional support, improving living conditions. These programs are only available thru funding of private and corporate donations.

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General Admission: USD 2.0,
Snack with drink: USD 5.0,
T-Shirt of LUPUS Living Under Pressure Ultimately Surviving: USD 25.0,
Color Bag for Color Festival: USD 5.0,
Platinum : Custom Team Logo On T-shirt, with snack + drink and color Bag: USD 45.0,
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