Sat, Nov 30, 2019 · 9:00

After being removed from the US, the British looked for a new colony to sustain themselves. They had arrived in India as traders as East India Company, but built a military and eventually occupied the country. They exploited the country's resources impoverishing people. Eventually the British Parliament tried to restrain the Company but they had already managed to sow the politics of division. India was fragmented and eventually was broken into two nations. The British did bring modern education, healthcare and transportation system to India. India gained freedom in 1947 through mass movement of civil boycotts and nonviolent protests led by Mohandas Gandhi.
Come for a day of analysis, music and documentary videos. Lunch is included as well as the handouts.
(this event is postponed from original schedule of November 2, 2019)


General Admission: USD 25.0

Artists: Mr Moolraj Mathur, Dr Bhagwan Shahani, Dr syed Mahmood Alam

Venue Details: Bemis Hall