Fri, May 24, 2019 · 19:30

Join us for a delightful comedy full of money grubbing, love and a conniving town council up to no good.

​Meet the Town Council of Regal South Carolina. There's the not-so-bright high school gym teacher, the savvy yet underappreciated interior designer, the overly genteel & highly self-confident restaurant owner, the totally self-absorbed builder, the annoying yet successful-in-her-own-mind real estate agent, the 'upstanding' lawyer (in his dreams) ​and the fun & ​lovable if a tad naive rug salesman originally from Pakistan.

The town is going bankrupt! Suddenly, the town founder dies of old age and leaves his sizable estate to the town for its future security. This greedy little group of council members set out to line their own pockets while thinking they're hiding their activities from the town. While this is going on, their's a "secret" romance brewing which, in the end, leaves everyone stunned when they find out who it is.

Will the town figure it out? Will the council go to jail? Who will be falling in love?

​It's a wild ride as Regal South Carolina finds its way from obscurity to security in this funny, witty and warm comedy by local playwrights, Judith Sapperstein ​& Gary Murway.

Venue Name: McCoole's Arts & Events Place.

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Theatre.

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Arts | Performing Arts | Theatre | Stage.

Artists / Speakers: Michael Schiumo, Meg Arbo, Alfie Mannino, Erin Ryan, Jay Pastelak, Tracy Byrne, Ed Red, Munir Kreidie, Amy Miller, Bill Gibson.


Price: LOVE & MERGER - A Play of the Scandalous Type: USD 18.00.