Sat, Nov 23, 2019 · 14:00

1st Place is $1,000; 2nd Place is $500; 3rd Place is $200. All prize money guaranteed. Registration closes November 15th at 5:00 p.m. but a wait list will be kept for late registrants.

Poets must perform original work, with no music or props. Time limit is 3 minutes, with a 10 second grace period. A full point time penalty will be applied for every 10 seconds or part of 10 seconds beyond that point. Time begins when poet begins speaking or engages the audience. All rulings by our timekeeper are final. Scoring will be done by 5 judges, with the highest and lowest score thrown out and the middle three scores added.

For this event, the first 20 approved poets who pay the entrance fee will compete. You may register to compete at using the "BUY NOW" button above. It's $50 to register and this fee is not refundable unless it is a wait list registration.

Recognized venues may register on behalf of individuals. Registrants should send photo and short bio to Registration may be considered incomplete without these items. MACDeLand Slam reserves the right to determine eligibility and/or participation of potential registrants.

General Admission to watch the slam is free, but we ask that you patronize the festival, enjoy and purchase items for sale. The slam competition will be 2 rounds done in three parts, with the first round divided into 2 parts. Order in every round will be by random draw. The highest 4 scores from among poets 1 thru 10 will advance to the final round.

The highest 4 scores from among poets 11 thru 20 will advance to the final round. Southern Fried Poetry Slam rules for slam performance apply. It will be clean slate scoring in the final round. Any ties in any round will be settled by a head-to-head slam consisting of 1-minute poems. Poets tying in final round may agree to split prize money, but they will be required to perform a tie breaker regardless.

Registration at Email

Artist / Speaker: Kevin Cambell, CHI slam master