Tue, Sep 17 · 8:00

Built in close collaboration with microbiome-focused researchers in Asia including the Japan Microbiome Consortium, Korea Society of Gut Microbiome, KoBioLabs, Shionogi Pharmaceuticals, Tokyo Institute of Technology and many more, the Microbiome Movement arrives in Asia for the first time to build on from the global success of events in the US and Europe, all dedicated to harnessing the power of the human microbiome to identify novel opportunities in therapeutic, biomarker and nutritional product development. Join the discussion amongst microbiome leaders in Asia including:

• Jonathan Krive, CEO, AsiaBiome
• Jae-Gu Pan, CTO, GenoFocus
• Jisoo Park, Founder and CEO, Genome and Company
• Suenie Park, Professor, Hallym University and Korea Society of Gut Microbiome
• Senior Representative, Japan Microbiome Consortium
• GwangPyo Ko, Founder and CEO, KoBioLabs
• Lee Yuan Kun, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore
• Shingo Arioka, Research Manager, Shionogi Pharmaceuticals
• Takuji Yamada, Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
• Yoshiyuki Sakuraba, CEO, Varinos
• Yiming Yin, VP Research and Development, XBiome

As the research on the human microbiome and it’s applications to industry have become a truly global initiative, join the Microbiome Movement in Singapore and stay up to date with the latest developments and untapped opportunity in Asia. Visit the website to view the agenda, speakers and to register.

Website: https://go.evvnt.com/419940-0?pid=5731
Brochure: https://go.evvnt.com/419940-3?pid=5731

Register by Friday, May 24: USD 1299.0,
Register by Friday, June 28: USD 1499.0,
Register by Friday, August 2: USD 1699.0,
Standard Pricing: USD 1899.0

Speakers: Jonathan Krive - Asia Biome, Ken Kasahara - Chitose Bio, Jae-Gu Pan - Genofocus, Jisoo Pae - Genome and Company, Yang Bo Gie - GI Innovation, Suenie Park - Hallym University, GwwangPyo Ko - KoBioLabs, Jon Sik Chun - Seoul National University, Shingo Arioka - Shionogi Pharmaceuticals, Yoshiyuki Sakuraba - Varinos, Takuji Yamada - Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yiming Yin - XBiome