Thu, Aug 15, 2019
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Coming from the north/east: 

A5 exit Alsfeld Ost, B275 direction Friedberg / Lauterbach / Herbstein, in autumn one main road quasi-straight/right exit (signpost), through Herbstein direction Lanzenhain. Approximately 1.5 km outside Herbstein signpost to the left. 

From the west: A45 to Giessener Südkreuz, there on the ring direction Wetzlar, exit B49-Grünberg, on the B49 to Ruppertenrod, right direction Ulrichstein, through Ulrichstein to the way T, there left direction Lauterbach, two villages, in Engelrod turn right towards Eichelhain, behind Eichelhain turn right in the direction of Lanzenhain, and once in Lanzenhain turn left in the direction of Herbstein (signposted!) Approx. 500m after Lanzenhain turn right. 

From the south: 

A7 to exit Fulda Süd, then B254 direction Lauterbach, in Lauterbach turn left onto the B275 direction Friedberg / Herbstein, further up from the north/east! 

From the southwest: 

A66 exit Wächtersbach, there direction Birstein / Lauterbach, in between right once on the B275 direction Lauterbach, but in Grebenhain left direction Schotten, until Ilbeshausen-Hochwaldshausen left there direction Schotten / Lanzenhain (not right direction Herbstein!), in Lanzenhain turn right towards Herbstein, approx. 500m after Lanzenhain turn right. 


From Lauterbach-Nord (Hesse) as the destination station, the 391 buses leave every hour directly to the stops at CVJM Feriendorf Herbsten.