Thu, Jul 11 · 17:00

Accelerate your startup, create eco-friendly festivals using digital solutions and raise up to €100K!

---- CONCEPT ----
The MoveUp Festival is Startup Bootcamp for top innovative startups initiated by Digital Attraxion in collaboration with Dour Festival and Le Cabaret Vert.

We want to level-up startups that can create a synergy between culture and sustainable development, accompany the best ideas and bring them to life during a world-renowned festival!

Key Focus Themes
#Carbonoffset * #Accessibility * #Mobility * #Energy * #Waste * #Water * #Biodiversity * #Catering * #CircularEconomy * #Ticketing

---- PRIZE POOL ----
The winning startup will undergo a one-month acceleration program with Digital Attraxion and their partners, whereafter they will showcase their solution during the Live Experimentation, on Aug 22-25 at the Le Cabaret Vert Festival.

This is a unique opportunity to apply for the Validation Program and to secure a convertible note of up to €100,000.

---- WHO CAN APPLY ----
We're eager to connect with various entrepreneurs;
all you need is an MVP ready or ongoing! (and a motivated team, including a dev to attend the bootcamp)

Venue Name: Dour Festival.

Category: Classes / Courses | Professional Training | Meetup & Networking | Startups.