Mon, Jul 06 · 8:00

To allow participants to profit from experience in the field of robotics and automation in the field of medicine, there will be pre-conference workshops from 06 - 07 July 2020 in the old University directly at the Rhine. At this historic as well as beautiful location, participants will be able to work on practical real-time automation systems in industrial workshops. During scientific workshops, participants will gain insight into the current status of medical robotics and determine the need of the end-users of such devices for the future.

Pre-conference workshops will be followed by the 7th International Workshop on New Trends in Medical and Service Robots from (MESROB 2020) 08. - 10. July on the campus of the University Hospital Basel. The MESROB 2020 will provide exclusive insights in research on the MIRACLE project (Minimal Invasive Robot-Assisted Computer-guided LaserosteotoME) at the University of Basel. Also, participants will be able to experience the spirit of the CYBATHLON, a competition and platform to drive forward research and development of assistance systems for everyday use. MRW will be the first scientific conference directly after the second edition of the CYBATHLON (May 2020, SWISS Arena in Kloten, Switzerland), where teams and pilots can reveal details of the applied technologies.

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