Mon, Oct 14, 2019 · 19:30

The Motive

Drawing influences from across the musical spectrum, ranging from Oasis to Frank Ocean, The Motive craft tightly written songs from a studio in South West London. Having released five singles in 2018, the band's eclectic sound is quickly gaining momentum among local fans and worldwide. Alongside their recorded output, the band put on electric, anticipated live shows, frequently selling out Richmond's "The Basement Door" club in a number of headline gigs. The Motive are synonymous with always working on new ideas, constantly writing and recording. The band are very excited to release new music and the next few months are set to be groundbreaking.

Slim Pigeons

It is an age-old question: why do pigeons constantly bob their heads back and forth? Some say it's for vision, others an adaptation to avoid predators. The truth? They are constantly getting down to the slick, upbeat grooves of their slim brothers and sisters.

As the adage goes, the slimmer the pigeon the funkier the groove, the slimmer the pigeon the more that you'll move. These pigeons are as slim as they come. So, expect a high energy blend of funk, disco, soul and 80's groove that'll leave you with a head bob fit for Trafalgar.

Yvonne Lyon

Yvonne Lyon's new album Metanoia is her eighth solo studio release, further demonstrating her ability to deliver engaging original material with fresh imagination.


Sofia Lafuente is an American/Spanish artist and writer, currently living in London. Her sound has been described as 'Romantic with a capital R' combining dark electronic pop productions with dramatic yet vulnerable vocals which evoke Stevie Nicks and contemporaries like Florence Welch and Lorde.


An acoustic singer/songwriter playing a nylon string guitar. His self-penned songs, delivered with a soulful voice, are tuneful and his fingerstyle playing incorporates a variety of rhythms into his personal style.

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Artists: The Motive , Slim Pigeons , Yvonne Lyon , Sofia , Till

Venue Name: The Half Moon