Thu, Oct 10, 2019 · 9:00

Attract a huge choice of investment partners and joint venture finance. Grow your portfolio, using other people's money! Does that sound unlikely, or even crazy?

Think again.

At Progressive Property's No Money Down course, you'll discover how the super-rich make a fortune from property they control but don't own, and learn how to forge explosively successful JV partnerships. The knowledge you'll be taught at this event will include creative and sustainable money-making systems, alongside rock-solid negotiation techniques to help you carve out the deals that will work best for you.

How to Buy Cashflowing Buy-to-Let Properties with NONE of Your Own Money!! (The System which makes this Easy + Real Examples)

- What the Super-Rich do to make a fortune by controlling property without owning it, and how YOU can do the same.

- Learn how to do successful joint ventures – and become a money magnet, attracting more investment partners and more joint venture finance than you can handle.

- Discover how you could make £1000 + PCM from properties that you don't own.

- For deals that do require cash, learn how you can use someone else's money and quickly recycle it to give them all their money back and you keep the property for free.

- Learn creative thinking, creative strategies and master negotiation to make all the deals the ultimate win-win.

Book your place NOW for FREE & learn how to create life-changing income and build a property portfolio using none of your own money!

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Artists / Speakers: Rob Moore, Mark Homer, Glenn Delve, Paul O'Mahoney, Kevin Mcdonnel.